Westcliff National Spiritualist Church
Spiritualism For Everyone

Healing at Westcliff is an experience that we can assure you, will be a positive one.  All our healers have taken part, or are taking part, in a two year training programme that ensures a high standard of practice.  No matter who you see, the healing approach will be friendly, compassionate and backed by years of experience.

We do not sit back on our good intentions, for we are constantly re-evaluating what we can offer on a healing basis.  This not only includes our practical healing sessions but also the introductory healing courses and workshops that are run.  These allow those interested in healing to experience, first hand, the realities of spiritual energies and forces as they interact with each other.

As a Spiritualists' National Union church, we are committed to the furtherance of Spiritual Healing and our healing groups are a strong part of our committment.  As the demand for Spiritual Healing is growing within our church, so we are able to expand that level of service and give opportunity to those wishing to learn the art of Spiritual Healing.  So whether you would like to receive Spiritual Healing, or learn more about it, why not come along and share in the experience and be touched by the love of Spirit.

One Of Our Healing Rooms


Spiritual Healing is available after each Church Service and also on Wednesday evenings 7pm - 8pm.  This is given freely, although a small donation towards the upkeep of the church would be gratefully appreciated.