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 Please call back to this page regularly, as the committee are planning a variety of events for the coming year, including evenings of mediumship, workshops, quiz nights, daytrips, a Mind Body and Spirit event and more.




We provide a healing circle on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.
Starting at 7.00p.m.
Come along; join our healing meditations; find out how and why healing has such an effect on us.

£2.00  for  Members.
£3.00  for  Non-members




Sept 10th  Autumn fayre
Dec 10th Christmas Fayre




YOU  can  save money by joining us as a member.-----only £10.00 per year.
Please see Joy Burton---our member's secretary when next you're in church


Awareness  Evenings.

We have re-introduced the popular "awareness" evenings, held on a Monday evening at eight o'clock. So come along and ask your questions; perhaps a demonstration of an ability you may have a question about.?   This evening is about YOU!
We now hold it on the  FIRST  and  THIRD    Monday in the month.


Our Workshops throughout the Year!

We hope to hold a Spiritual Healing Introductory Course in the coming year. This should cost £3.00 each evening and should be held on a Monday evening over 6 weeks.








Awareness Groups
HomeSchedule of ServicesEventsHealingPhilosophyCeremonies